Independent mortgage broker

There is a huge amount of choice in the mortgage market now, and trying to pick up the best deal from a range of thousands can be difficult. So it's no surprise that half of all mortgages are taken out with the help of an independent mortgage broker or advisor.

By arranging your mortgage through a broker, you could save yourself thousands of pounds and ensure that you get a solution that won't cause you headaches in the long run.

When you complete the no obligation enquiry form on this website, your enquiry will be passed to a professional advisor who will know the market intimately. They will look at your circumstances and suggest the best products for you. They will discuss and clearly explain the options available, and you can be sure you won't be bombarded with jargon.

Brokers negotiate special deals direct with lenders, which means there are some products available through us that you simply won't find elsewhere!

We provide a UK nationwide service and have helped people from all corners of the UK including Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, London, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Oxford, Plymouth and Southampton.

Simply complete our short online enquiry form and we'll put you in touch with an adviser who will do the shopping around for you.

There is no obligation and it costs nothing to see what your options are.

How a qualified mortgage broker can help

1. Independent, tailored advice

All mortgage brokers have to pass professional mortgage qualifications and be regulated and authorised by the Financial Services Authority before they can give mortgage advice to their customers.

When you take out a mortgage direct from a lender you are often provided with information about their products rather than full advice. This is fine if you are confident about the type of mortgage you are after, but if you're not, then you may want to use a broker who can offer you personal advice.They will listen to your needs and search the market for appropriate products that fit your specific circumstances.

2. Access to the whole mortgage market

Brokers will scour the market to find the right deal for you, searching the products of a vast range of lenders. They may be able to find you a better deal than you could have done yourself, as some brokers have access to exclusive mortgage deals that won't be available directly from the lender.

3. Doing the legwork

A mortgage broker knows that you can't always take a day off work to discuss your mortgage options, so they will often work out a time to suit you.

While your bank branch opening hours may be incompatible with your own work commitments, a broker can often work around you, opening evenings and weekends and visiting you when and where convenient.

4. Quick and easy

Your mortgage is likely to go through more quickly with a broker than if you deal direct with a lender. This is because brokers have daily experience of working with lenders so they know which are currently providing a quick service and can advise you on which lenders to avoid if time is of the essence.

They also understand the lenders' requirements so they can help the application go through as smoothly as possible, making sure you provide all the correct documents and information.

5. Unusual requirements

If your needs are out of the ordinary a broker could help you to access a deal that you would not be able to find on the high street. If you have had debt problems in the past or you require a buy-to-let or bridging loan, for example, a broker is likely to be your easiest route to finance.