Remortgage - Make the switch to save money

In the boom years of the UK housing market remortgaging was rife with borrowers constantly switching lender and deal in order to secure the best interest rate on their borrowing.

All that has changed in recent years. With interest rates held at extremely low levels, many homeowners have chosen to simply sit on their lender's standard variable rather than switch to a special deal.

Many others have found themselves unable to remortgage as the value of their property has fallen, and they no longer have the level of equity in their home required to change mortgage arrangements.

However, at a time when lenders have been tightening their criteria, effectively excluding many borrowers from being able to remortgage with them, there are some who offer a range of attractive remortgage deals to those looking to switch onto a better of more suitable deal.

Best remortgage deals
LenderRateAPRTypeDurationMax LTVRedemptionFees

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You should regularly review your mortgage situation to see whether moving to another lender would save you money. Gone are the days where you remain with the same lender for 25 years.

It is really easy to switch lenders and the process is straightforward.

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